26 September 2019: Forum on "Municipal Solid Waste Charging: How will it impact Hong Kong?"

As part of a series of events to celebrate HKWMA's 25th Anniversary in 2019, a One-Day Forum on "Municipal Solid Waste Charging: How will it impact Hong Kong?" will be held at the Chiang Chen Studio Theatre of the PolyU.

With Hong Kong progressively moving towards sustainable waste management and in view of the municipal solid waste (MSW) charging scheme upcoming in due course, this One-Day Forum will focus on discussing and forecasting how this charging scheme will bring along the "temporary pain" to Hong Kong in the short term, and how it will likely alter the landscape and ecology of the waste management practices, recycling industries and citizens' behavioural changes in Hong Kong on the long run.

Apart from key local policy makers and advocators, prestigious speakers from our neighbouring Asia region as well as those from Europe will share with us their experiences on the initial formulation of policies, behavioural changes observed, difficulties encountered as well as the continual evolution of their waste management policies and practices to suit their local needs and cultures.

As one of the most devoted professional associations in Hong Kong dedicated on waste management, this Forum will be an unique and open platform to all those interested in appreciating the in-depth changes to be brought about by this MSW charging scheme.

The Forum is broadly divided into three (3) sessions - "Policy", "Implementation" and "Recycling Industry", and will be one of the very few occasions where local government officials, policy makers, academia, community stakeholders, consultants, contractors get together to discuss the upcoming MSW charging scheme, in presence of and in support from regional and international experts who had already undergone this exercise.

Invited guests include:

  • Mr WONG Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR
  • Dr the Hon LO Wai-kwok, SBS, MH, JP, Legislative Councillor (Engineering Functional Constituency), HKSAR
  • Professor June-Woo PARK, Chair of Board of trustees, Recycling Federation of Social Solidarity Enterprises, South Korea
  • Mr Simon WONG, BBS, JP, Convenor, FoodSmart Partnership Programme, HKSAR


Early-Bird Registration (on or before 31 Aug 2019)
Members of HKWMA and Supporting Organizations: $600
Non-Members: $700
Full Registration (after 31 Aug 2019)
Members of HKWMA and Supporting Organizations: $700
Non-Members: $800

For details and registration, please download the registration brochure in the link below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LA53USdIuWlCI8GllrEzE8gkLgoI_Nab

For enquiries, please contact Ms May Ho, Forum Secretariat, at email: info@crpd-hk.com or Tel: 2796 1638.

27 ~ 28 September 2019 - 13th Two-Coasts Four-Places Forum on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (海峡两岸四地固体废物管理论), Xi’an (西安), China

For the thirteenth (13th) consecutive year, the traditional “Annual Two-Coast Four-Places Forum on Sustainable Solid Waste Management" (海峡两岸四地固体废物管理论) will be hosted this year by the Chinese Association of Urban and Environmental Sanitation (中国城市环境卫生协会) in Xi’an (西安), China. The Forum is also co-organized by HKWMA, the Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering (CIEnvE), Taiwan as well as the Macau Institution of Engineers.

For those new to HKWMA, this annual event takes place in rotation at four regional cities of Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Organized by experienced local waste management organizations, the Two-Coast Forum became a major regional annual event in the world of waste management, which is always well attended by various stakeholders in the region, including government officials, academics, professionals, representatives from a variety of associations and institutes and business men.

The first day of the Forum will be forum registration, followed by a technical visit on the next day and forum presentations in the afternoon. The language used will be Putonghua. Please see the attached Notice for full details.

There is no registration fee for the Forum, but the delegate will be responsible for his / her own costs of, and arrangements of, transportation and accommodation, etc. The Executive Committee has decided to sponsor full members of HKWMA to attend the forum by offering up to HK$3,000 for each attending member. If more than 10 qualified applications are received, a total of HK$30,000 sponsorship will be equally shared by all the attending members. Further, a preferential hotel rate of RMB750 per night can be arranged through HKWMA if registered before the deadline.

HKWMA is invited for two technical presentations. If you are also interested to represent HKWMA to make a technical presentation (around 20 min) in this forum, please provide your presentation topic in the Application Form for the organizers’ consideration.

If you are interested in attending the forum, please submit your Application Form to our Young Members Chapter (YMC) at ymc@hongkongwma.org.hk  on or before 5:00 pm on 23rd August 2019 (Friday). Late application will not be considered. Look forward to seeing you in Xi’an!

13 ~ 16 November 2019: International Conference on Solid Waste 2019

With Prof. Jonathan Wong of HK Baptist University serving as the Vice Chairman of the Conference, the International Conference on Solid Waste 2019 will be held in Hangzhou (杭州), China this year. Please visit their official website (www.icsw2019.org) for more information and register with the organizer directly if you are interested.

31 July ~ 01 August 2019: [For Member’s Information] 5th Waste Management Association of Malaysia Annual Conference & Gala Dinner, K.L., Malaysia

Alongside with HKWMA and as one of the signatories of the Asia Pacific Waste and Environment Alliance (APWEA), The Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM) will holding the said Annual Conference in Malaysia. The theme of the Conference is “Plastics: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”.

Please find event flyer for your information. There are also sponsorship packages and exhibition booths available at the conference, if you are interested to purchase a space or sponsor please contact Ms Rachele Chwee (raelyn@wmam.org) or Ms Christina Kow (christina.kow@wmama.org) for more information.

02 July 2019: Annual Reception of Hong Kong Green Strategy Alliance (HKGSA)

As in the previous years, HKWMA is pleased to be one of the Supporting Organizations of this important annual event of HKGSA. This year, HKGSA has invited Mr. K.S. Wong, the Secretary for the Environment, as the Guest of Honour of their Reception. Please see the attached flyer for details and register with the organizer directly if you are interested.

29 May 2019: HKWMA participates in EPD's "Green Event Pledge"

HKWMA is pleased to announce that it has become one of the Participating Organizations of the Green Event Pledge. The Pledge aims to have the mind of environmental protection in place during the entire lifecycle of event planning and execution. Please visit https://www.wastereduction.gov.hk/en/green_event_pledge.htm for more details.

25 May 2019: Technical Visit to O.Park (FULL)

The HKWMA and the Hong Kong Green Strategic Alliance (HKGSA) have organized a technical visit to this very first organic resources recovery centre (O.Park) in Hong Kong, which has been recently commissioned to process some 200 tonnes / day of food waste. Please visit the facility's official website (www.opark.gov.hk) for further details.

28 May 2019: [For Members' Info Only] CEF Exam Prep Workshop by IFMA-HK

The International Facility Management Association Hong Kong Chapter (IFMA-HK) has organized a preparation workshop on the particulars of an examination towards the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) credential. Please register with the organizer directly if you are interested.

21 ~ 24 May 2019: [For Members' Info Only] CHINAPLAS 2019 (國際橡塑展), Guangzhou

The annual International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (CHINAPLAS) will be the 33rd of its series and will be held in Guangzhou, China this year. Interested members can visit their website (www.chinaplasonline.com) for details on the Exihibition and participation details.

17 May 2019 - BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2019

HKWMA is pleased to be one of the Supporting Organizations of the annual EnviroSeries Conference of the Business Environment Council (BEC). The theme of the Conference for this year is "The Business of Waste – Solving Hong Kong’s Urgent Environment Problem", which is highly inline with the objectives of HKWMA. Please mark your calender in the meantime, and visit http://bec.org.hk/events-current/bec-enviroseries-conference-may-2019-the-business-of-waste--solving-hong-kongs-urgent-environment-problem for details.

07 May 2019: Spring Cocktail Reception

As an usual traditional of HKWMA in the past decades, it is time for our annual Spring Cocktail Reception again. All HKWMA members are cordially invited to come to enjoy this pleasant and not-to-be-missed annual event of HKWMA at the Hong Kong Club. The Reception promises to offer a very relaxing environment to catch up with your old colleagues, meet new friends in the business, exchange experiences and share the latest news over a drink and some good food.

It is also our honour to confirm that Mrs. Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee will join us as Guest of Honour to tell us more about her role as founder and patron of the Hong Kong NGO "Food for Good". Mrs. Leung founded the Food for Good organization in November 2012 to redistribute leftover food from hotels, restaurants and bakeries to those in need, and to promote policies on reducing and recycling food waste. Food For Good is neither a political advocacy group nor a pressure group.  Food For Good aims to empower and inspire the community to enact positive solutions to the issue of food waste. They work with various non-governmental organisations, community organisations, food and beverage industry, housing estates, schools, industrial and commercial sectors and even more to mobilise a change of attitudes, habits and behaviour in handling food waste and to promote a greener eating habit.

Please register quickly to reserve your seat.

30 April 2019 - HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum

As in the previous years, HKWMA is proud to be one of the Supporting Organizations of the HKIE Environmental Division's Annual Forum. The theme for this year is "Environmental Innovation - Opportunities & Challenges in Hong Kong". Please register with the organizer directly if you are interested.

28 April 2019: Applications for “The Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence “(HKAEE) now open

As in the previous year, HKWMA is proudly to continue being one of the Collaborative Partners for the 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (2019 HKAEE). Applications for a series of awards are now open. Please see the Programme Booklet for details, and be reminded of the application deadline of 21st June 2019.

04 April 2019Green Building Award 2019 (GBA 2019)

The Green Building Award (環保建築大獎) is co-organised by the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), and was first inaugurated by PGBC in 2006. The award covers all sort of buildings including new and existing ones, as well as those of residential, commercial and institutional natures. Nominations will close on 17 June 2019. Please visit www.gba.org.hk for full particulars and nomination / application details.

27 March 2019: Symposium by The Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI)

With the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging Scheme is about to be implemented in Hong Kong, HKWMA is pleased to be a Supporting Organization of the said Symposium organized by NAMI. The theme of the Symposium is "Turn MSW into Profit: Novel Recycling and Biodegradable Technologies to Develop High Value Products and Reduce Landfill Burden" (將生活廢物變為盈利:用於開發高價值產品和減少堆填區負擔的創新回收及可生物降解技術).

In this Symposium, there will be introduction of NAMI's recycling technologies to turn different MSWs into high value products to provide financial incentives for recycling, with NAMI's industrial partners sharing their experience and success in recycling technology development and application. NAMI will also introduce novel approaches for developing cost-effective new generation biodegradable materials and incorporating biodegradability into conventional plastics to ease the landfill burden.

Please see the event flyer for details, and register with NAMI directly.

27 March 2019: BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019

As in the past year, HKWMA is pleased to be one of the Supporting Organizations of the "BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards" (中銀香港企業環保領先大獎). Please visit their website (oneoneone.industryhk.org) for further details and particulars on participation.

21 March 2019: 22nd International Recovered Paper Conference, Dusseldorf, Germany

[ For Member's Information Only ]

For the 22nd time, this annual conference is reported to be the largest of its kind in the world, and is expected to be attended by over 800 international experts. HKWMA is therefore obliged to circulate the conference particulars for members' information. Please register with the organizer directly if you are interested.

19 March 2019: Technical Visit to Food Waste Pilot Plant and Unmanned Surface Vehicle Centre in Zhuhai

In collaboration with the HKIE Environmental Division, HKWMA is pleased to organize the said technical visit to a 1,000kg/day 2-Stage Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Food Waste Pilot Plant (FWPP) and an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Centre in Zhuhai. Please see the attached flyer for details, and register via HKIE's website (http://ev.hkie.org.hk) directy if you are interested. Registration deadline is 10th March 2019, and act quickly before very limited space run out.

17 ~ 19 December 2018: It is our great honour and pleasure to inform you the HKWMA has accepted the invitation to be Co-Organizer for the "3rd International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource 2018" (BWR2018), hosted by the Education University of Hong Kong (EUHK).

As you may recall, we were also co-organizer for the 2nd edition of this Conference last year and it was proven to be a well-attended, high quality and informative conference. Up to now, 6 Plenary and 34 Keynote or Invited Speakers from 15 countries have already agreed to join the BWR2018 as organizing / scientific committee members. It just promises to be even better this year.

Please note that the Deadline for Submission of one-page abstract for oral and poster presentations will be 31 August 2018 and Early Bird Registration ends of 30 September 2018. Further, Deadline for Registration is 30 November 2018. Please visit http://bwr2018.campus.or.kr for full particulars.

11 ~ 15 December 2018  - 12th Two-Coasts Four-Places Forum on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (海峡两岸四地固体废物管理论), Taipei

The traditional Annual Two-Coast Four-Places Forum on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (海峡两岸四地固体废物管理论) will be hosted by our Taiwan professional counterpart in Taipei this year.

For those new to HKWMA, this annual event takes place in rotation at four regional cities of Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Organized by experienced local waste management organizations, the Two-Coast Forum became a major regional annual event in the world of waste management, which is always well attended by various stakeholders in the region, including government officials, academics, professionals, representatives from a variety of associations and institutes and business men.

Last year, your HKWMA was the host and organizer of the Forum and it proved again to be a successful event. So we encourage you to participate in this edition in Taiwan.  Beside exchanges with local experts during the Forum, there are also technical visits to waste treatment and resources recovery facilities included. In order to facilitate the participation of our members, the Executive Committee has decided to offer paying members of HKWMA a sponsorship of up to HK$1,500 for each attending member.

Furthermore, we invite our members to represent the HKWMA during the Forum and give an interesting technical presentation. There are two slots (each around 20 min) allocated to HKWMA. The presentations have to be directly related to waste management and/or resource recovery or recycling, preferable focusing on innovation, recent technical developments, relevant applications and/or application oriented research or testing. If interested, please submit the title of the presentation a synopsis and/or abstract with the attached application form. Please note that the organizers have the final decision on acceptance of the presentation.

For more details and registration, see attached Notice and Application Form. Please note that the deadline for application is 23 November 2018. Look forward to seeing you in Taipei!

04 ~ 06 December 2018: 中国生活垃圾焚烧发展30年高峰论坛 (China Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Development - 30 Years Summit Forum)

It has been 30 years since the first municipal solid waste incinerator was built in Shenzhen, Guangdong in 1998. To benchmark this important milestone, the Guangdong Environmental Sanitation Association (广东省环境卫生协会) and the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation (中国城市环境卫生协会) has jointly organized the "China Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Development - 30 Years Summit Forum" in Shenzhen.

Participants will include leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Ecological and Environment of the PRC, as well as representatives of other directly related government departments in Guangdong, international industry organizations., administrative departments of environmental sanitation in provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and research institute experts, scholars and and representatives from municipal solid waste incineration enterprise. Number of delegates is expected to exceed 300.

As a long term partner of the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, HKWMA is pleased to be a supporting organization for the event. Please visit their website (http://www.gd-esa.com/news/xiehuiwenjian/626.html) for more information.

05 ~ 08 December 2018 - Study Mission to Tokyo

Following the success of a similar Study Mission to Korea in June this year, HKWMA is now organizing a Study Mission to Tokyo, to learn about latest development in Recycling and Waste to Energy development. Apart from visits to a Food Waste to Biogas Plant, a Waste Plastic Recycling Plant, the "Kawasaki EcoLife Museum for the Future", meetings with Kawasaki government officials and representatives of Japan containers and packaging recycling association, we will also join part of the 20th EcoPro 2018 at the Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) organized by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI).

Please see the flyer attached for more information. Registration deadline is 22 November, but you can enjoy an early bird discount if you register by 19November. Please make sure you lock up your seat before very limited spaces run out!

05 - 07 November 2018: Organized by the HKIE Geotechnical Division, the Hong Kong Geotechnical Society (HKGES) and the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS), HKWMA is pleased to be a Supporting Organization for the "16th World Conference of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space" (ACUUS 2018).

ACUUS is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to establish and maintain partnerships between experts who design, analyze and decide upon the use of large cities' underground spaces and the ACUUS series of conferences has been running since 1996 in world class cities with participation of policy makers, professionals and experts from respected organizations from all over the world.

Further, and as you may remember, the HKWMA already proposed to use underground spaces for waste handling in response to a government consultation in 2017. For more detailed information and registration, see attached flyer and the conference website at www.acuus2018.hk.

02 November 2018 ~ 30 January 2019: HKIE Inter-Division Courses

Under joint efforts amongst the Gas & Energy Division, Environmental Division and Mechanical, Marine, Naval Architecture & Chemical Division of the HKIE, HKMWA is pleased to be one of the Supporting Organizations of the HKIE Inter-Division Courses, which will start from 02 November 2018 to 30 January 2019. These unique courses do cover a very wide range of technical expertise covered by these HKIE divisions, and are well presented by some of the most experienced and respected practicing professionals in the industries.

Members of the HKIE and various supporting organizations will enjoy good discounts (especially a further early bird discount by 14 October 2018). Do not miss this special offering, and register with the organizer quickly before really-limited seats run out!

22 ~ 24 October 2018: ISWA World Congress, Malaysia

The ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) World Congress will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year. The focusing topics include Energy Recovery and Biological Waste, Hazardous Waste and Health Care Waste, Collection, Transportation and Recycling, Climate Change and Landfills, Governance and Communication, Circular Economy, Closing Dumpsite and Marine Litter, Sustainable Consumption and Waste Management in Developing Countries, Technological Innovation in Solid Waste Management.

Being one of the Supporting Organizations of the important international event and as a past tradition of HKWMA, HKWMA has decided to sponsor full members to attend the World Congress and offers a HKD$2,500 subsidy per member for up to 10 members.

Please visit www.iswa2018.org for more information of this event, and contact our Membership Secretary (membership@hongkongwma.org.hk) if you would like to join the delegation. Please act quiclly before limited spaces run out!

27 September 2018: 2018 (25th) Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Notice is hereby given that the 2018 AGM of the HKWMA will be held on 27 September 2018. For this year, we are honored to have Mr. Marshall TSOI, the Project Manager of the Organic Resource Recovery Centre Phase 1 (ORRC1) to share with us on the top of "Hong Kong’s First Organic Resources Recovery Centre – the first in many 
ways". Please see attached initial announcement for registration details, and more procedural documents will be available in due course.

18 ~ 19 September 2018: CSR Asia Summit 2018

We would like to inform you about an upcoming event in Hong Kong: the CSR Asia Summit 2018, which will take place in the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong.

Although this Summit is not solely focused on waste management but more on matters related to sustainability, corporate social responsibility and emerging business opportunities and challenges, there will be some topics addressed in the "Emerging Issues and Impacts" they may be of interest to you.

For more information, see attached flyer.

10 August 2018 - “Food Smart Partnership Programme”

HKWMA is pleased to be one of the Supporting Organizations of the "Food Smart Partnership Programme" organized by the Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Ltd., the Association of Restaurant Managers, Chamber of Food & Beverage Industry of Hong Kong, Estates' Restaurants (Hong Kong) Merchant Association, Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades and The Association for Institution of Dining Art. A Kick-Off Ceremony will be held on 24 August 2018 (Friday) at 2:45 pm in the Conference Hall, 4/F, HKPC Building, with Mr. KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government, as the Guest of Honour. Please visit the organizer's website for more information.

08 August 2018: Technical Seminar on "Advance Thermolysis System (ATS)

In association with the HKIE Environmental Division, HKWMA is pleased to be coorganizing the said Technical Seminar on "Advanced Thermolysis System (ATS) Technology - An Organic Waste Solution". The technology will be presented by Mr. Kevin HULL, BBA, Director of Magnum Group International Inc. - Canada, the company that developed the ATS Technology. The Advanced Thermolysis System (ATS) incorporates a patent-pending combination of steam, direct heat, indirect heat and fast pyrolysis treatment, ensuring a complete penetration of the feedstock, decomposition and a separation of into recoverable components (basically synthetic gas, oil and carbon) by the application of a unique condensing system. 
For more detailed information, please see the attached announcement and visit www.ewscanada.com.

Please click here to download the presentation materials.

20 July 2018: HKWMA is on Linkedin!

HKWMA is pleased to announce that it is officially on Linkedin. Please feel free to check us out at https://www.linkedin.com/company/hkwma/.

19 July 2018: HKWMA is pleased to be a Supporting Organization of the "Annual Gathering of HAESCO on Energy Efficiency" organized by the Hong Kong Association of Energy Service Companies (HAESCO). Please see attached flyer for details and register directly with the organizer at https://goo.gl/forms/ACmDUxGqPjlRgGJf2.

17 July 2018: As you may remember, the HKIE Environmental Division and the HKWMA have organized the "Waste Management Study Trip to South Korea" in June. The objectives of this Study Trip were to study the waste management and engineering technologies applied in South-Korea and the main facilities visited included the Sudokwon Landfill, a plastic waste recycling facility, an automated refuse collection site and a waste sorting facility applying a RFID Smart Bin system. The group also met with the representatives of the Ministry of Environment of South-Korea and local waste management association, discussing several waste management developments and challenges, as well as attending the "Dream Park Resource Recycling Forum".

The trip was proven to be highly informative and the organizers decided to hold a Debriefing Seminar on the Waste Management Study Trip to South Korea. Participation is free of charge but on-line registration is required at the HKIE Environmental Division website: http://ev.hkie.org.hk. You can also see the attached announcement for more detailed information.

14 July 2018: The HKWMA Young Members Chapter (YMC) would like to invite you to join our technical visit to the WEEE ∙ PARK (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Treatment and Recycling Facility). Deadline for registration is 30 June 2018 and seats are limited to 25 persons only. The visit will be conducted in English and / or Cantonese. CPD certificates in electronic form will be delivered via email to the participants after the visit. For more details, please see the itinerary attached. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us via e-mail ymc@hongkongwma.org.hk.

21 June 2018: Important Notice on Membership Renewal

Dear HKWMA members,

Summer is drawing near (although it already feels like summer…) and that means that it is time to renew your HKWMA Membership for the Session 2018- 2019, which starts on July 1, 2018.

The HKWMA further consolidated its leading role in the Hong Kong waste management world and continued to provide active and useful support to all the relevant stakeholders. In the session 2017-2018, the HKWMA was frequently asked to be a Supporting Organization for local and international initiatives and events and to give our opinion in consultations as a recognized representative of the waste management professionals and businesses in Hong Kong, which again underscores the significance and reputation of our association.

And even in the public media, the HKWMA is often asked to participate in popular discussion and opinion programs on the radio to present our professional views on actual waste management topics.

This past session, we also launched our new website and, if you didn’t do it yet, go and check it out at http://www.hongkongwma.org.hk/

On the international level, we established cooperation with the South-Korean waste management association and organize a study trip to South-Korea, which will take place from June 12 till 15, 2018 (and you can still join…)

Your support and contribution is important for the continued success and growth of our Association and therefore we hope to receive your membership renewal soon!

The membership fees remain unchanged for the coming Session (for classes of Membeship and applicable fee, see attached HKWMA Memership Renewal Form).

This year, we continue apply the following renewal procedure.

1.   All existing members DO NOT have to complete the HKWMA Membership Application Form.

2.   Just make your applicable fee payment either:

a.   by crossed-cheque payable to “Hong Kong Waste Management Association” and send it to our P.O Box No. 28705, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong with mention of your membership number on the back,

b.   or by transfer to the Hang Seng Bank (Account no. 225-110162-001) and send an email with scan of  the transfer slip to the HKWMA Membership Secretariat (winnie.yeung@veolia.com) with mention of your membership number and name of the member. 

As an environmental friendly association, we encourage you to make fee payment by bank transfer.

c.    For Organization and Institution membership, please include the names of ALL representatives.

3.   If you want to apply for a NEW membership, please complete the attached Application Form and proceed as instructed on the Form.

4.   If there is any change in your contact details, please send an email to the HKWMA Membership Secretariat (winnie.yeung@veolia.com), so we can ensure you always will be kept updated on HKWMA news and events.  Alternatively, you can send us the attached Application form with the updated information.

We also encourage you to invite colleagues, business partners and all you know who is professionally active in the waste management sector in Hong Kong, to become member.  We have some interesting years ahead and the HKWMA can offer an efficient platform for establishing valuable contacts and relevant, up-to-date information on interesting developments.  After all, the HKWMA remains the main representative of the waste management sector and has an impact on matters related to waste management policies and their implementation.

04 July 2018: Led by our Vice Chairman, Mr. Antoine GRANGE, HKWMA has been invited to a Debriefing Session on the Tender for a Proposed Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Facility at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK). HKWMA would like to open this opportunity to all members.

The briefing will be conducted between 9:30 am and 10:30am the Multi-functional Room, G/F. HKIA Tower at HKIA. The briefing will be conducted in English, but questions may also be asked in Chinese. Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

For registration and reservation, please contact Anita Lo (anita.lo@hkairport.com, tel: 2183-6591) of AAHK by 2nd of July 2018. For questions about the briefing session, please contact Stephen Chan of AAHK at 2183-6644.

26 June 2018: It is our honor to inform you that the HKWMA is a Supporting Organization for the “Annual Symposium on Green Material Resources for Sustainable Construction Industry” at the HK PolyU. This one-day Symposium is organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE - Hong Kong Section), together with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and the University of Hong Kong (HKU), and will focus on, among others, the application of recycled materials in construction industry.

We are also pleased to draw your attention to the fact that two of our Executive Committee Members, Prof. Kaimin SHIH and Mr. David PEGG are speakers at this Symposium.

Please also note that all HKWMA members will enjoy a discounted fee and all attendants are eligible for a one-day CPD certificate. Please see attached flyer for more information and register with the Organizer directly.

23 June 2018: IFMA's Visit to WEEE·PARK

HKWMA is pleased to be one of the Supporting Organizations of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Hong Kong Chapter's upcoming visit to the WEEE·PARK in EcoPark in Tuen Mun. Please see flyer for details and register with IFMA direcltly if interested.

22 June 2018: HKWMA is pleased to inform you about an interesting upcoming seminar regarding the “Bio- and Environmental Technology and Product development in the Mainland China Market” (內地專利商品化研討會 (生物科技及環保)). This Seminar is organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Invention and Innovation (HKFII) and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), with support of BUD funding from the HKSAR Government.

We are honored to have our Former Chairman, Mr. Victor LI, as one of the speakers addressing the perspectives from Hong Kong companies and the environmental and waste management markets in Mainland China. It sure promises to be an interesting Seminar, especially for those active in the Mainland China market. Please note that the seminar will be conducted in Cantonese / Mandarin only. For more detailed information and registration, please see attached flyer.

18 June 2018: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korean Waste Management Counterparts

HKWMA is pleased to officially announce that it has further strengthened its partnership around the Asia Pacific Region, by signing two (2) MOUs with the Korean waste management counteparts, namely the Korea Waste Association (KWA) and the Sukodwon Landfill Site Management Corporation (SLC), respectively, on 11 May 2018 and 14 June 2018.

On top of the MOUs previously executed with the Chinese Association of Urban and Environmental Sanitation (CAUES) in 2008 and the Asia Pacific Waste and Environment Alliance (APWEA) in 2016, HKWMA is now even better positioned and connected with the key professional assocations in the region, creating even higher value-for-membership for our members.

06 June 2018: HKWMA is pleased to be a Supporting Organization for the "BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2018" Programme (中銀香港企業環保領先大獎). This Awards Programme has been co-organised by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) and Bank of China (Hong Kong) (BOCHK) since 2015, and it aims to recognize the outstanding achievements of the manufacturing and services enterprises in Hong Kong and the Pan Pearl River Delta.

The promotion of the Awards has started and this year, the programme has set up two new awards: the SME Award and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Environmental Leadership Recognition Award which aims to encourage (Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to conduct more environmental practices and to recognize the enterprises’ contribution on enhancing the environment of a city cluster in Bay Area in support of the development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.

Deadline for application is 31 October 2018. For more detailed information about the Awards Programme, please see attached flyer and visit http://oneoneone.industryhk.org.

06 June 2018: Sino-German Dialogue Forum on Environment and Climate Change: "Exploring Solutions in Urban Solid Waste Management", Beijing, China

It is our pleasure and honor to extend an invitation to you for the upcoming Sino-German Dialogue Forum on Environment and Climate Change, with the theme "Exploring Solutions in Urban Solid Waste Management". This interesting annual forum at the Hilton Hotel in Beijing and is organized by KfW, a German government-owned development bank, and the Chinese Ministry of Finance.

This year we are pleased to inform you that our Chairman, Mr. Jude Chow, was invited to give a presentation on "Strengthening the Role of the Private Sector in Waste Management" and that a HKWMA Corporate member, Mr. Nigel Mattravers of ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions will give a presentation related to the topic of "Technology Cooperation for Recycling and Waste-to-Energy Solutions".

Please visit for official website http://sino-german-dialogue.org for more information, and register with the organizer directly if you are interested.

23 May 2018 - BEC EnviroSeries Conference  "The Greater Bay Area – Leveraging Opportunities for Hong Kong in the Transition towards Sustainability"

As in previous years, HKWMA is pleased to be a Supporting Organization of the said conference organized by the Business Environment Council Limited (“BEC”). The Conference will explore how Hong Kong business can be better engaged to build up a sustainable Bay Area and how to position Hong Kong to make the most of the Greater Bay Area in transition towards sustainability. Government officials, business leaders, policy makers, senior executives and academia are all invited to discuss the following areas. Please see flyer enclosed for details.

05 May 2018: HKWMA is pleased to support the Forum on "How does our Environmental Industry sieze the Opportunities brought by the Belt-and Road and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area  (「環保業界如何把握粵港澳大灣區和一帶一路發展機遇」論壇)  organized by the Hong Kong Green Stratege Alliance (HKGSA). Please refer to our flyer for online registration details.

30 April 2018: Spring Reception

The Spring Reception was successfully concluded as scheduled at the Hong Kong Club. Our Guest of Honor, Mr. Tobias Fabian Huinink, Business Director Asia, ALBA Group shared wiht us some excellent insight about the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Treatment and Recycling Facility (WEEETRF) recently in full operations.

For photos of the Reception, please visit https://drive.google.com/open?id=194zlcWsPUXKtuhnGD6aQqeCMSJB8-MdT. Look forward to seeing you (again) at our upcoming activities!

29 April ~ 06 May 2018: CIWEM HK Technical Mission to Canada

HKWMA is pleased to be a Supporting Organization for the "Technical Mission to Toronto and Vancouver, Canada", organized by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental management (CIWEM HK). The main objectives of this Technical Mission are to encourage sharing and exchange of valuable experience with the environmental facility management in Toronto and Vancouver, and to enhance the interconnection of trade practitioners and relevant businesses.

Please see CIWEM HK's flyer for details and registration procedures.

27 April 2018: As in previous years, HKWMA is pleased to be one of the supporting organizations of the HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum "Developing Intelligent Resource Preservation Strategies for Hong Kong - Challenges for Innovation and Sustainability".

The environmental pressure and depletion of resources, as result from intense consumption, pollution and climate change, have led to the necessity to identify waste as a valuable resource that requires responsible and sustainable solutions for managing, recovering and recycling.  Accordingly, concepts such as "zero waste", "circular economy" and "closed loops" have emerged worldwide as a new way of thinking about waste problems and unsustainable consumption and growth. The Hong Kong SAR Government, together with the key stakeholders, is actively supporting the development of waste reduction and recovery with various initiatives, major environmental programmes and infrastructure investments.

Please register directly with the HKIE if you are interested.

16 April ~ 11 June 2018: Experience Sharing Seminars by the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

HKWMA has gladly accepted the invitation to be a Collaborative Partner for the 2018 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence and the activities that are organized in this context. And as such, we encourage you to attend an interesting upcoming series of experience seminars. At these seminars, twenty (20!) organizations from different sectors will present and share their experiences in pursuing and achieving excellent environmental performance. This will be an unique occasion to gather same ideas and inspiration to improve our environmental performance. For more detailed information and registration, see the promotional flyers.

26 March 2018: BEAM Plus New Buildings Training and Examination Program

HKWMA is a Supporting Organization of the BEAM Plus New Buildings Training and Examination Program organized by the BEAM Society Limited. This training and examination is part of the BEAM Professionals accreditation program. The training will take place on 26th March 2018, and the examination can be taken on 7th, 8th or 9th May 2018.

The BEAM assessment and certification provide building users with a performance label that demonstrates the overall quality of a building. A qualified BEAM green building is recognized to be aimed at sustainability, providing a safer, healthier, more comfortable, more functional and more efficient living or working environment. BEAM Professionals (BEAM Pro) are green building professionals accredited by the Hong Kong Green Building Council in various aspects of the green building life cycle. The key role of BEAM Pro is to integrate the latest green building standards and practices into everyday building planning, design, construction and operation. Note that candidates must complete the 1.5-hour Fundamental Course as a prerequisite before enrolling in this elective BEAM Plus New Buildings training. For more information about the BEAM Plus New Buildings Training and Examination program and registration, see attached flyer. For more information, see website: https://www.beamsociety.org.hk/en_professionals_1.php. Note that HKWMA members can enjoy a discount on the training and examination fee.

22 March 2018 - Green Procurement Forum

HKWMA would like to share with you the said Forum organized by HK EPD in conjunction with HKPC. In this Forum, EPD aims to promote the purchase of goods and service that cause minimal adverse environmental and health impact and support the development of sustainable procurement and consumption. The Green Procurement Forum brings the key stakeholders together to exchange experiences and to define the role of procurement in achieving sustainable development and environmental excellence without compromising commercial and operational goals. For more detailed information and registration for this event, see attached flyer. For online registration, please go to the following website: https://events.hkpc.org/v2/form.php?code=GP2018.

21 March 2018 - Career Talk at THEi Tsing Yi Campus

As part of the YMC's effort in promoting HKWMA within educational institutions, a Career Talk has been scheduled on 21st March 2018 (Wednesday) between 18:15 and 20:30 at the Tsing Yi THEi Campus Lecture Hall 5 ( 20A Tsing Yi Road, Tsing Yi Island, New Territories). Topics will include "Prospects in Waste Management Industry in Hong Kong", "Introduction on HKWMA and HKWMA-YMC", etc. which will be presented by the Executive Committee Member as well as YMC Member of HKWMA. No prior registration is required and please simply attend if you are interested.

24 February 2018: Joint Soccer Competition

Organized by the HKIE Environmental Division, supported by HKWMA and AIIB (Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings), sponsored by Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC), CLP and Socam Development (瑞安建業), HKWMA YMC will organize a soccer team to compete for the championship. If you are a YMC member and interested, please contact our YMC at ymc@hongkongwma.org.hk for enrolment details.

18 Sep 2017: HKWMA is on Air !!

In a continuing effort to sustain the waste management development in Hong Kong and attract talents to our business, the HKWMA has started to reach out to various levels of stakeholders, and in particular, to younger generations who are looking for a challenging and promising career.  Yet over the past decades, there have been negative stereotypes on the potential of waste management industry and the social status of practitioners (and even on engineers/professionals). With the technological advancement, the awareness of resources preservation and the concepts of circular economy driving our society and industry, it is one of the HKWMA policies to propagate the right messages to the general public and students from tertiary educations to consider devoting their career to waste management industry, at the same time, facilitating the industry to recruit the best talents to embrace the upcoming opportunities.

Commercial Radio 1 (CR1) has invited our Immediate Past Chariman Mr. Victor Li to share our views via "Share my songs (有誰共鳴)" & the "KOT’s Education (葛民教育)" respectively on 18th September 2017 and 08th November 2017. These are two well-received light-hearted programs combining songs and sharing a useful message in a relaxed way, uncovering some unaware trade practices in an amusing atmosphere, and to spread the messages to a diverse audience.  These two programs have helped us clarifying some of our views to the public and especially younger generation.

The CR1 has granted our members an access right to listen to one of the programs - "Share my songs (有誰共鳴)" through the following link, from now till 15th February 2018: http://www.881903.com/main/projects/881/sms/guest/20171213.html.