Special Arrangements on HKWMA Membership Subscriptions for Session 2022/23

HKWMA’s membership starts on 1st July every year, and it is time of the year to renew your HKWMA membership. For the 2021 - 2022 Session, under ther COVID Pandemic conditions, the membership was waived for existing members. We are very pleased to confirm in consideration of the ongoing pandemic impact in Hong Kong, the membership fee for existing members will continue to be waived for the coming 2022 - 2023 Session. As a result, some special arrangements on membership subscriptions are required for this session.

For Existing Members
As a result of the above decision, the annual subscription for the 2022/23 period would be waived for existing members subscribed for the 2020/21 session. While these members will not need to pay, we would still kindly request that you take a couple of minutes and provide updated information if there are changes to your particulars (e.g. contact details, working company, address, or any new representatives, etc.) by advising our HKWMA Membership Secretariat (winnie.yeung@veolia.com), so we can ensure you always will be kept updated on HKWMA news and events. Alternatively, you can send us the Application_Form with the updated information. The membership certificate 2022/23 will then be prepared according to the updated information provided and sent via email to members.

For New Members
For new members, we are very pleased to confirm that the current membership fees would remain unchanged for the coming session. If you would like to apply for membership, then please complete the Application Form and proceed as instructed on the Form.

Membership Categories

Membership is open to all those who are interested in waste management. There are four (4) categories of membership.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership shall be open to any person aged 18 years and over (at the time of application) with an interest in solid waste management issues.

Organization Membership

For companies, partnerships, government bureaux / departments, trade associations, etc. Each Organization Member can designate up to five (5) named representatives.

Institution Membership

For non-profit making bodies such as tertiary educational institutions, green groups and charities. Each Institution Member can designate three (3) named representatives.

Student Membership

Students are defined as individuals in full time tertiary education. Student Memberships are free, but have no membership rights within the Constitution but may participate in activities of the Association upon invitation. Environmental scientists, engineers and other professionals working or interested in areas associated with waste management are more than welcomed to join.

Membership Fee

The membership year runs from 1st July each year to 30th June of the following year. The annual membership fees are :

Organization Membership: HK$3,000

Institution Membership: HK$1,200

Individual Membership: HK$400

Student Membership: Free


New members, however, shall be entitled to a pro-rated membership fee for the first year they join in. Dependent on the member's joining date, the follow schedule shall apply. If members join in between:


1st July and 30th September, 100% of the annual fee shall apply.

1st October and 31st December, 75% of the annual fee shall apply.

1st January and 31st March, 50% of the annual fee shall apply.

1st April and 30th June, 25% of the annual fee shall apply.

Membership Application

For Existing Members renewing their Membership

1.   All existing members DO NOT have to complete the HKWMA Membership Application Form.

2.   If there is any change in your contact details, please send an email to the HKWMA Membership Secretariat (winnie.yeung@veolia.com), so we can ensure you always will be kept updated on HKWMA news and events.  Alternatively, you can send us the Application form with the updated information.

For New Members (including previous Members with membership discontinued)

1. Download our Membership Application / Renewal Form, and complete the process per the instructions in the Form. Membership is valid upon receipt payment.

2. Make your applicable fee payment either:

a.)   by crossed-cheque payable to “Hong Kong Waste Management Association” and send it to our P.O Box No. 28705, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong with mention of your membership number on the back,

b.)   or by transfer to the Hang Seng Bank (Account no. 225-110162-001) and send an email with scan of  the transfer slip to the HKWMA Membership Secretariat (winnie.yeung@veolia.com) with mention of your membership number and name of the member. 

As an environmental friendly association, we encourage you to make fee payment by bank transfer.

c.)    For Organization and Institution membership, please include the names of ALL representatives.